The Discovery Of “Planet X”

Angel Ramos

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Caltech researchers have found evidence of a possible ninth planet on an elongated orbit, different from the rest of the planets. The ninth planet is being referred to as “Planet X” It is believed to be larger than Earth, but smaller than Neptune.

It is estimated that Planet X takes somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 years to make a full revolution around the Sun. It is, on average, twenty times further away from the sun than neptune. Planet X is deep in our solar system and about twice as far from the sun as Pluto.

There are conspiracies about the new planet. People argue that given the trajectory of the planet then if it were to come close to Earth then it will bring comets along with it. That can put Earth in serious danger of asteroids.

The scientists researching this planet do warn that there is no guarantee that there is a ninth planet deep in the solar system. It could be something else, so they are hesitant to say there is a planet there for sure, but the evidence points highly towards the fact that there is. In conclusion there is a really good chance that there is a ninth planet out there. It is a great discovery, but we have not even scratched the surface of the universe.       

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The Discovery Of “Planet X”