Designing the Semester

SARAH SEWELL, Staff writer

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Want to know what the talk is all about in A6? It`s fashion from sewing to learning how to draw body forms. This is the new fashion design class taught by Christy Lucas.

The fashion design class has only been here for two years. In the class, students learn how to sew, design and make patterns, parts of the sewing machine, and more. They will also get to make letter pillows, pajamas, backpacks, and other charity projects that they can take home and use or give to someone else.

The first thing the students will make is a letter pillow. They have to buy their own fabric, stuffing, and supplies. The project will take about a week with all the new concepts being learned.

“I love this class,” says sophomore Rudy Perez. “It is one of my favorites. I like the different projects we have.”

Every Wednesday the students get to watch other upcoming fashion designers to see how they get their inspiration, and how they design their creations. It gives the students an idea of how they might like to design their own projects.

“This is my favorite class of the day,” says sophomore Lisa Quintanilla. “I look forward to coming into class and learning something new. I can’t wait to start all of our projects. I love Wednesdays because I get to see how other people design and compare it to how I would design. Overall, it is an amazing class and I’m super excited to see what we do later in the year.”

Lucas has always had a passion for fashion and has loved teaching young students about her love of fashion .

“As a little girl,” says Lucas. “I loved to go through magazines and I would get ideas from the illustrations and I would draw my own design that was inspired by the designs I saw. The aspect in fashion that interests me is the pattern design and illustration. Though my mom and grandmother were avid sewers, I didn’t learn to sew until I was in college because it never interested me.”

Before Christmas break, the students summed up the year by making a Santa pillow that they could keep or give as presents, and plenty of designing and sewing is planned for the rest of the year.

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Designing the Semester