NEW YEAR, NEW LIONETTES: New squad members named after tryouts

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As tryouts get underway, 32 girls are stressed out and nervous waiting for their group’s turn before the judges. Each group consists of three or more girls and an officer candidate, they will perform a jazz routine, a kick sequence, and will present their elements to the judges.

On March 24, Coach Robin Summers held tryouts for the 2016-2017 Lionettes. Later that night the results were released. This year, 23 girls made the team, 11 fewer than last year.

Sophomore Katelyn Chandler was named  the captain, after receiving the second lieutenant position the previous year.

“I am most excited for the new officer line, new uniforms, and next year’s trip to California,” she says.

Sophomore Jade Willett earned the first lieutenant position after being a line member. She was also involved in the pep rally team and kick club.

“I’m looking forward to a good and exciting year,” Willett says. “I’m excited about the ballet classes over the summer, the new uniforms, and also the California trip. I feel like it will be a great bonding experience for the team.”

With the loss of the 2016 seniors, the new Lionette team will attend summer camps to become as sharp as last year. Summer camp will also bring the team together, improve dancing technique, and prepare them for the upcoming school year. The new girls from the junior high drill team are very excited to be apart of the varsity drill team.

“I can’t wait for new friendships on the team, and more structure than the junior high drill team, eighth grader Marissa Mayfield says. Her reaction to the new uniforms was: “Whoa!”

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NEW YEAR, NEW LIONETTES: New squad members named after tryouts