GETTING ORGANIZED PART II: Getting mentally organized


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Organization is key to great productivity. Being disorganized can send you scrambling to complete tasks at the last minute, which can be very stressful. This in turn will cause your efficiency to suffer, thus creating an entire chain of disorganization. No matter your age these simple organization tips can act as a guideline on how to get mentally organized:


  • Start projects, work, assignments, etc.  as soon as you get them – This will help to get everything out of your way and give you a lot more time for other things you may need to do or give you time to just relax.
  • Do one thing at a time/do not multitask – Concentrate on the task at hand oppose to doing multiple tasks at once. This way you can focus easier tasks and get them finished easier and faster.


  • Work hard and have priorities – Setting goals and working hard to achieve them can lead to great outcomes (great future, good grades, promotions, etc.).
  • Do not procrastinate – Procrastinating gets you NOWHERE. When you procrastinate you waste time you could be spending completing your procrastinated task, other tasks, or waste time you could be spending doing other things.
  • Give every task a deadline – Doing so can keep you informed about what you need to be doing as of the moment opposed to things that are due several months from now. It helps to date all papers in possession.
  • Catch up on missing work – Catch up on these missing things as soon as you find out it’s missing, or when you find time to do so, this can keep the results/consequences from getting any worse.
  • Shut off pop up notifications – Doing so will eliminate the chances of receiving distracting popup notifications that encourage you to do other things.
  • Take breaks – Concentrating for a long period of time can cause great stress and derail your concentrations and completely mess up the task at hand.


  • Keep track of your own things – Don’t leave it to someone else to take care of your things, others can be irresponsible when it comes to other people. Quite frankly, why should they care? Afterall, it’s not really anything for them to worry about.
  • Take control of your own time – Don’t let others get in the way of your plans and what you need to be doing. IT’S YOUR TIME, MANAGE IT WISELY.
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GETTING ORGANIZED PART II: Getting mentally organized