OPINION: Peer pressure – is it really worth it?


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Peer pressure is one of the most common issues facing teens today in and outside of school. As they become older, their peers generally start to play a bigger role in their lives

Peers are the people teens are majorly influenced by, whether it is good or bad. As teens are getting older and the situations get harder, everyone is still trying to figure out who they want to be and what they want to do in life.  

Pressure can go in both negative and positive ways. It is generally referred to in a negative connotation, but it can also be beneficial.  

No matter who they are, teens are bound to have experienced or be experiencing peer pressure. The main reason that most people fall into negative pressure is because they want to fit in. Negative peer pressure is an issue that most teens don’t always know what to do about when faced in the situation.

Positive pressure is more common than people may think. Choosing the right friends to hang out with is one of the main influences teens have on being in a positive atmosphere.

For instance, if teens have friends that are so dedicated in their work and goals, that they influencing others around them to strive harder to achieve their own dreams.

What teenagers need to realize is that the things that people are doing that they think is cool, doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to care that someone went to a party and got drunk, or that they stole from a local store. Sure you might get your 10 minutes of fame, but in the long run, it’s not worth it.

When teens are faced with a situation, the main thing to think about is yourself. Ask yourself this, “Is it really worth acting a fool? What happens if I get caught? Do I want to risk it all just so people will like me?”

Keeping yourself on the right track is what matters right now.

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OPINION: Peer pressure – is it really worth it?