Valentines day- a long distant relationship


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Mrs.Kenneally is a sophomore teacher here at KHS she has had a rough couple of months with her husband Nick getting sent  back off to Kuwait and is returning next month. This Valentine’s day she is going to spend it without her husband. Mrs.Kenneally was asked about her marriage, here are her answers:

How, when, and where did y’all meet?

Nicholas and I met through mutual friends, when he returned from being stationed in Ramstein, Germany. After his return, he was stationed in Abilene at Dyer Air Force Base.

How long did y’all date before getting married?

Nick and I dated between two and three years while he was stationed at Dyer. we had a long distance relationship.

Do y’all have any kids?

We have two boys and a little girl. Gino will be six years old in March and Petie Mac will be five years old in May. Miss Zahra will be one year old in April. Zahra was rescued from a tree on campus when the heavy floods came last year. Her mother and kitten mates were washed away with the flooding waters; but my little warrior climbed up a tree and a sweet young man, Kevin Germeaux, saved her.

How long after y’all got married did y’all have before he left for deployment?

Nick was deployed to the Middle East the year of our engagement and we had two months to plan our wedding. When he returned all he had to do was show up at the wedding. He is currently deployed in Kuwait and returns next month. This is Nick’s eighth deployment since being enlisted in the Air Force.

Was it love at first sight?

Oh no! We were friends first, love came later. It came a huge surprise to my family and friends that us two would ever settle down. I was never the one who thought marriage was in my future, but God had often planned.

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Valentines day- a long distant relationship