LOOK ALIVE: How to overcome boredom at school

JESSE NIX, Staff writer

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At least 40 percent of high school students experience boredom in class, according to studies. To stay focused in class and not let your mind wander here is some tips.

  • Don’t look at the clock every few minutes, it’ll seem like time is going slow.
  • A good circle of friends that won’t distract you is always helpful.
  • Participate in class and join in on class activities.
  • Draw on a scratch paper, but pay attention.
  • One reason for boredom in school is that you may be weak at particular subjects. Studying might help.
  • Prepare to be on time to classes and have your supplies.
  • Having a good attitude will help you throughout the day.
  • Don’t think about when school is going to end, it will bring major stress.
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LOOK ALIVE: How to overcome boredom at school