¡Hola! Lupita Montez serves as a great inspiration for many


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“Bienvenidos a la clase de español. Ahora vamos a hablar de España y de sus entorno y accidentes geográficos.”

Spanish teacher Lupita Montez is ready to teach today’s lesson, which will be about Spain and its geographical features.

Students say that her genuine personality separates her from  an average teacher. She cares about her students and just wants them to succeed in life as well.

“Overall, she is a honest and all around great individual and i loved having her as a teacher,” junior Jasmin Venegas says.

After growing up in a small town, Montez graduated in 1991. She described herself as the nerdy girl that sat in the back all through high school. She went to Texas Tech to follow her dream of  being a teacher. In 1995, she got a great opportunity, her first teaching position in Mabank as an ESL and Spanish teacher. She worked there five years before she decided to move to KISD in 2000.

In her free time, Montez loves reading novels and traveling around the world. She also enjoys being around her daughter 24/7.

Montez loves teaching Spanish and believes that students should learn it because, “Our world is diverse and it’ll be good to think in two different languages.”

Montez has some advice for someone who plans on becoming a Spanish educator.

“Honestly all you have to do is graduate, work as hard as possible, and get your masters in Spanish education,” she said.

Many students say that “Señora Montez es una maestra fantástica.” (Translation: Ms. Montez is a fantastic teacher.)

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¡Hola! Lupita Montez serves as a great inspiration for many