PHOTO FUN: New yearbook is out, get yours now

 KELSIE EVANS, Staff writer

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The 2015 yearbooks are in and ready to be purchased or picked up in yearbook sponsor Sean Chaffin’s room, A5.

Producing a yearbook can take a long time because one can’t plan what is what is going to happen before it actually happens. The yearbook features photos, sports, articles, and creativity.

The 2015 yearbook cover.

The 2015 yearbook cover.

The students in yearbook class are hoping for the new 2016 yearbook to be ready in early August.

“Our goal from now on is to get published and out sooner than in the past,” yearbook sponsor Sean Chaffin said.

Chaffin and the yearbook students think it would be really cool to begin a day called “Yearbook Day.” It’s where all the students that purchased a yearbook could gather together to get their yearbook signed by all their friends and peers.

“I think that would be a really cool tradition to begin here with the 2016 yearbook,” Chaffin said.

The yearbook students plan to call the 2016 yearbook “The Pride.” It will  have more photos, more consistent fonts, more stories, and events and an overall complete re-invention.
“We are really trying to make the yearbook important part of KHS culture.” Chaffin said “And I think our students are really doing a great job.”

Jillian and Tristyn enjoying the new yearbook outside.

Jillian and Tristyn enjoying the new yearbook outside while laughing at math teacher Tim McMahon’s portrait and mustache. To check out his mustache check out page 54.

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PHOTO FUN: New yearbook is out, get yours now