KICKING THE COMPETITION: Drill team gears up for new season

MIA MORETTI, Staff writer

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KHS’s favorite dance team has some new leaders. This year’s Lionette senior leaders are Captain Jacie Jullian, First Lieutenant Amanda Harrington, and Officer Adre Spoon. Sophomore Officer Katelyn Chandler is the only underclassman officer.

This is the first year for any of them to be a drill team officer besides the captain. Before the start of the new school year, the director and officers led the Lionettes to be champions at Danceline Camp, which they competed at with other drill teams. They stayed three days at Danceline and won the Big Momma award. They won this award for competing best against the other drill teams. The dance team has won “Big Mama” five years in a row.

“It’s a great experience being first lieutenant,” says Harrington. “  Especially on a great team.”

Officer Amanda Harrington preforms at halftime.

Officer Amanda Harrington preforms at halftime.

All of the officers choreograph every dance that the Lionettes perform. They go before and after school to make sure that they can make adjustments if needed and learn all the right moves. The social officers are also a big help in planning what the drill team does.

Once someone makes officer in the KHS drill team, they won’t have to try out for any of the dances or special performance teams. Anyone can make officer as long as they have a solo, and as long as they have been on the team for at least one year.

“Being an officer is such a blessing,” says Chandler. “  And there’s no greater feeling than knowing that your team looks up to you.”

After football season is over the Lionettes will be starting competition season. Competition season usually starts around January. In competition season the drill team will travel all over Texas to compete against other drill teams. They hope to bring home a trophy for their collection.

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KICKING THE COMPETITION: Drill team gears up for new season