FEATHERED FRIEND: Science teacher’s class features pet parrot

PAULINA YANEZ, Staff writer

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A big bird is not something a student would normally see in a classroom. Biology teacher Gwen Taylor has a pet bird named Micah, a blue and golden Costa Rican macaw. Micah is two feet long and one foot tall with royal blue on her back and bright yellow on her chest with black stripes under her eye. Taylor bought Micah from a breeder from Florida.

“Micah barely had any feathers,” said Taylor. “Pollution got on Micah’s feathers and messed them up.”

Micah is originally from a forest in Costa Rica. Taylor loves and treats the bird as if she was her child.

“Micah was a little uneasy the first couple of days” said Taylor.

However the bird got use to her new family. During seventh period in the beginning of the school year, Micah flew on top of a student, ripped his shirt, and pooped on the student.

Linda a student in Taylor’s seventh period said, “I like Micah because of her beautiful colors.”

Taylor used to be a marine biologist, so she loves helping animals. Micah might not be a normal pet like a dog or a cat, but many of her students love Micah.

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FEATHERED FRIEND: Science teacher’s class features pet parrot