Tactics & Strategies – inside the world of KHS campaigns


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Students of KHS campaigned for class officer positions Sept.7-14. The competition was very tight so students had to get creative with their campaigning tactics.

Freshmen Katie Hayes took an out of the box approach while campaigning for freshmen class president. Unlike many other opponents, she neglected the posters and candy.

Hayes’s campaigning tactics relied more on the relationships she had with students rather than “bribing” her way into votes.

“Over the years, I’ve made lots of friends so I didn’t have to do as many posters, pass out candy, or any of that,” Hayes said.

She did however, confess that while the students were voting, she would look over their shoulders and say, “Vote for Katie. I think I might’ve scared them.”

Priscilla Lopez took a rather conventional route. She embraced the candy, posters, and all that jazz, while campaigning for freshman class secretary.

“Honestly I got all my ideas from Pinterest, but i mostly stuck with a candy theme.” Said Lopez.

She also used Twitter as a resource to reach more voters.

“The main thing is to be kind to everyone because it is right, and then they will most likely vote for you” said Lopez.

Junior Jhovanny San Juan emphasized his campaigning platform which was, “To make sure the junior and seniors have a great prom, and also have creative and fun fundraisers.”

As for his campaigning tactics he stuck to personally asking voters for their vote, with a little help from jolly ranchers.

“I just figured to cut out the cliche poster boards and just ask people to vote for me,” he said.

All methods seemed to do the trick as they were all elected class officers. A common denominator between the three, which seemed to play a significant factor, was that they focused on being kind and building relationships with voters.

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Tactics & Strategies – inside the world of KHS campaigns