HIDE AND SEEK: Ancient city found just South of Cairo, Egypt

CHARLES DALL, Staff writer

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Many people have fantasized about finding a lost culture, and a group of archaeologists have done just this. Venturing about 250 miles South of Cairo, they began their dig – and found something interesting below.

“The discovery is just the latest in a series of amazing finds in Egypt. Archaeologists, for example, recently discovered the well-preserved mummified body of a 3,200-year-old nobleman in Luxor,” says Brian Rohan of the Associated Press.

Right there, below their feet, lay a city, just 1,312 feet of King Seti the first’s temple at Abydos. The team of archaeologists believe that this city is over 4,500 years old, dating all the way back to the Early Dynastic Period – back when South Egypt and North Egypt first merged.

This city also seems to contain a cemetery, similar to the graveyards of modern times, but with tombs below – kind of like the London Catacombs. In this graveyard, there are 15 tombs, each 49 feet by 13 feet, and each tomb is unique in design.

Small huts were also found scattered across the city, being found with large pots inside. However, this is not the only find – this is only one in many finds. Just recently, archaeologists found the mummified remains of a man in Luxor, the mummy dating up to 3,200 years old. They have also found two new cavities near the pyramid of Giza, and a fleet of boats that has been hidden from modern eyes for thousands of years.

The archaeologists have not completely unveiled the city, so they are not sure of its size, but they do note that most Egyptian kings were buried only six miles south of the Nile River, so they are continuing their dig so as to unveil the city’s secrets.

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HIDE AND SEEK: Ancient city found just South of Cairo, Egypt