COLD CASE: Kaufman police make arrest in 22-year-old murder

ALAN RONDAN, Staff writer

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An alleged murderer in a 22-year Kaufman cold case was recently arrested in Wichita, Kan.

On June 9, 1994, police say 25-year-old Francisco Sanchez Salazar was shot 14 times at the City Coin Laundry in Kaufman and later was pronounced dead. The man who pulled the trigger, according to police, was 23-year-old Alvaro Iglesias Rodriguez. Two days after the murder, Alvaro fled to Mexico after he was identified, as a suspect.

Francisco Sanchez Salazar

Francisco Sanchez Salazar

Police say Salazar stayed there for three years before returning to the United States, where he settled in Wichita under the new name Mauricio San Miguel Reyes. Twenty two years later when publishing a “Top 10 Most Wanted“ list in a local newspaper, Cpt.Tommy Black decided to put Rodriguez on the list to see if there would be any tips that will pop up.

After a couple weeks on the list, police received a tip from Crime Stoppers, that Rodriguez was living under the new name Mauricio San Miguel Reyes in Wichita.

Black and Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert McGee searched through the Wichita sheriff’s department archives and found an arrest record with Rodriguez’s fingerprints. They wanted  to see if Rodriguez’s matched Reyes’ and it was a match, according to

Black later even visited the KHS library to look at old yearbooks with Rodriguez’s photo.

Two Kaufman police detectives traveled to Wichita to apprehend Rodriguez. He was taken into to custody without any resistance. Without that tip the Kaufman police would have never found Rodriguez and he would be still out there.           

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COLD CASE: Kaufman police make arrest in 22-year-old murder