WATCH THIS: The best in smart watches – from the iWatch to the MotoActv

CHARLES DALL, Staff writer

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Do you know anyone who would prefer a smaller approach to phones? Is Christmas coming too soon, and you haven’t decided on what to gift them with? How about a smartwatch? There are many different brands, so here are some to consider.

Apple iWatch

The iWatch is capable of many functions. If the user is athletic, or just wants to check on health, this smartwatch includes functions such as a built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor, a comprehensive workout app, a coaching interface, a breathing app, various health apps, and is water resistant to 50 meters.Apple Watch

The iWatch can also help make life more fun, including activity rings, activity sharing, and achievements. The iWatch also has apps and notifications with an app docker, Siri, a customizable watch face, and costs around $200-300.


I’m Watch

im-watchThis is a very expensive Italian alternative to the iWatch. Although the I’m Watch is capable of the same functions, it is much fancier. Even the cheapest of this brand costs around $500, but it is worth it if the user is looking for a classy style. One of the most costly I’m Watches is around $20,000, but that’s because it’s made of solid white gold and is encrusted with diamonds.
The Pebble

the-pebble-watchThe Pebble is a very small smartwatch, can do the same as an iWatch (,with limitations,) and uses its own operating system. It has a very simple interface and is easy to use. However, the Pebble only comes with a black and white screen. This simple device costs around $89, while the Pebble Steel costs around $149.


Meta Watch

meta-watchThis company currently has two types of MetaWatch: the Frame and the STRATA. Again, each version is capable of the same functions as the iWatch. The Frame costs around $200, while the STRATA costs around $179. The differences? For the most part; cosmetic. The Frame is a very sleek and professional-looking watch, while the STRATA is “chunkier and more playful.” However, there are some minor differences between the two – the STRATA resists water better than the Frame, and it comes in two different kinds: Stealth, a quieter model, and Olympian, arable model. Also, the MetaWatch includes multiple possible watch faces and includes an “out-of-range” sensor.
Sony Smart Watch

sony-smart-watchThis smartwatch also contains the same functions of the iWatch, but only costs around $150-200. It is available in multiple colors, including stainless steel, black, yellow, leather brown, and leather black. A special feature that makes the Sony Smartwatch unique is its two-day battery life, which is longer than most can offer. However, there is a minor drawback with this particular brand of smartwatch – the display is smaller than most, near to the size of the Pebble’s display.

Motorola MotoActv


As with all the rest, this is fully capable of the same functions as the widely known Apple iWatch, but this is actually produced by Google, and they have added more features than the iWatch. The screen is protected by gorilla glass, which is a stronger cover than normal glass. The MotoActv also includes a gps, a sports watch,allowing the user to check up on games at any time,and an ANT+ monitor, which allows the user to see how their health is. With its large screen and helpful interface, this smartwatch can literally be used on the run.

Smartwatches are still a developing technology. Although they are useful at times, the iWatch is not always the best choice. Whether someone is looking for simple or classy, powerful or easy- going, these newly revealed options may make it easier to find the perfect smartwatch.

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WATCH THIS: The best in smart watches – from the iWatch to the MotoActv