CLOWNING AROUND: News continues of creepy jesters


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People in clown costumes are in the news across the country. Even in Kaufman, as Halloween approached some students have been concerned about  clowns trying to scare people.

Some people have claimed to see scary clowns in Kaufman. Clowns have even made a social media accounts and followed people just to scare them.

“I want our students to be careful, law enforcement is taking this seriously,” said principal Amy Keith. “There is a time and place to be funny and this isn’t one of those times with the way our public is responding. Be safe KHS!”

CBS recently reported that this trend started in  South Carolina when a clown tried to lure children into the woods. CBS also reported on October 8, a 14-year-old in California was arrested when he threatened a middle and high school on an Instagram page called “Fontana’s Killer Clowns.” Police said the teen wanted to scare people and gain social media followers.

There were also recent sightings of clowns in England, on Oct. 11, a 19-year old student was dressed as a clown in London and was arrested for chasing two men with a chainsaw. In Manchester, a group of killers clowns with air rifles and machetes were reportedly chasing down and scaring pedestrians. British police are now investigating dozens of reported incidents involving people dressed up as creepy clowns across the country.

In New Zealand, clown sightings have been reported outside schools and inside universities. In the city of Hamilton, police are currently hunting two clowns connected to an attack on a woman as she walked home from the pub.

Police are determined to find out who these clowns really are and what their motives are.  Some students are panicked due to how far it has gone and have even thought there were clowns when there wasn’t.

Law enforcement is taking this issue seriously. There are  mixed opinions from KHS staff and students.  

“I am not worried about clowns, I think it is was originally a gag or a hoax for the most part,” said Sean Chaffin, newspaper and yearbook adviser.

With Halloween now over, many are hoping the clown craze goes away.

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CLOWNING AROUND: News continues of creepy jesters