GAME TIME: Hard hits and big plays in new Madden ’17

JOSEPH MCCRAY, Staff writer

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Madden NFL 17 was released in August by  EA Sports for the PS4, Xbox1, PS3, and Xbox 360. The game  strikes a good balance between delivering what the fans want, while fixing the overall experience throughout the game.

Within the game’s realistic features are playbooks and player stats, and voice commentary that allows players to hear the game as if it were you watching real NFL games on TV. EA put up a trailer of Madden 17 to YouTube in May, revealing the new features that were added to the game. Those included all-new passing mechanics that provide players with the ability to have the most balanced gameplay on offense, allowing them to be more creative when throwing the ball.

Features such as Franchise Mode make a return, however, it has been changed, and upgraded to make it more of a realistic experience. Also Madden has added new announcers, Brandon Gaudin, and Charles Davis. While the new tools on offense make you a better player there is now  more creative ball carrier features such as icons popping up over your player’s head to show you the best button to press to best benefit your player in that situation.

Madden has input new NFL Strategies on defense to stop your opponents from being so one dimensional in just the pass, or run game. New Gap Play brings a new level of NFL energy and strategy to your defensive teammates. Each of your teammates has a gap assignment on run defense that puts them in position to  defend the run. You can now force defenders protect the outside of the field, pushing the ball carrier back inside allowing inside linebackers to make the big play.

Lastly,  Zone Coverage has been finally changed with the addition of seven new zone coverages. Defenders have more awareness of threats to each zone and can route match receivers, creating defensive counters to stop almost every passing play.

Madden has also added new game modes called Draft Champions where you draft your fantasy team of NFL stars and legends, and Madden Ultimate Team, which lets you build your ultimate dream team with your favorite NFL players from the past and present. Playing other teams helps you earn coins to redeem prizes in the online store or trade and auction off items.

Overall this game is a blast especially if you’re competing against your friends.

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GAME TIME: Hard hits and big plays in new Madden ’17