HALLO-WEAK: 5 most ridiculous Halloween costumes

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Halloween is creeping up and costumes have hit the store shelves. Here are the top five most ridiculous Halloween costumes. Don’t worry about being scared, have a laugh.

5. Ghost – Any loser can cut two holes in a sheet and say “boo.” Try again Casper!

4. Witch –  Another witch! That’s really all you could think of?

3. Mummy – I guess your bathroom is now your closet filled with toilet paper. Try something a bit more original!

2. Black cat – Aren’t you supposed to be on four legs and meowing not just walking around in your Nikes.

1. Clown – Are you supposed to be funny? Hope not, because that clown costume looks too lame to be a killer clown.


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HALLO-WEAK: 5 most ridiculous Halloween costumes