FESTIVAL FUN: Inside the State Fair and others across the country


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It’s that time of the year again, the Texas state fair is here. Grab the family and friends and head down to the State Fair to enjoy another year of fried foods, rides, and games in downtown Dallas.

The fair end its run this weekend but there is still time to join in the fun. Many schools in Texas have already given students a day off to go and enjoy the state fair along with a ticket for free admission. KISD had its state fair day on Oct. 10.

However, Texas is not the only state that has a state fair. Every state in the United States has a state fair, some even more than one. Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, and even Texas all have two state fairs.

As for Florida, some school districts give students a day off to go to their state fair. The Florida fair is held at the beginning of the year during February, so students get Feb. 10 to go to the fair and take a day off.

There are other states that also have state fairs and allow students the opportunity to go and enjoy it. The only difference is they all happen at different times of the year. Some in fall, winter, or summer. Some of the biggest state fairs in America include: The Texas, California, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota state fair.

For some people, the best parts of the fair are the rides and fried foods.

“I go to the fair every year,” freshman Caleb Roe said. ”The rides are obviously my favorite part. I like to go high and drop down low.”

Some of the most liked rides at the state fair are the Thrillway, Kidway, the Texas Star Ferris wheel, Top o’ Texas Tower, and the 1914 Dentzel Carousel. Michelle’s favorite ride is the Texas Star Ferris wheel and she enjoys riding the Comet roller coaster.

Rides aren’t the only thing that are being enjoyed at the state fair. Just listen to what Michelle Kistler had to say about their fried food: “My favorite thing at the fair is the fried oreos, because I love oreos and fried things, so those two things together equal my happiness.” Kistler said. Michelle isn’t the only one enjoying fried food at the state fair. “I like the fried snickers bar; you should try it,” says Mariah Maynez.

It’s only so long before this year’s fair is gone until next year. Don’t miss out on this fried-tastic experience; try visiting the State Fair now.

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FESTIVAL FUN: Inside the State Fair and others across the country