TEST TIME: College entrance exams prepare students for next educational steps

ALAN RONDAN, Staff writer

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For college-bound students, the SAT is a critical test to see which college will accept them and the next test date is approaching.

The SAT should be taken during junior year in spring and senior year in fall. The SAT score ranges from 400 (a low test score) to a 2400 (the maximum score).

‘’Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores help colleges interpret students’ overall  academic performance,’’ USA Today says.

The next SAT test is Nov. 5 and the deadline to sign up was Oct. 7. But for late enrollment students must be registered by Oct. 25.

Here are some tips for to get ready for the SAT:

  • Take the practice test
  • Take challenging courses.
  • Prepare for test and quizzes.

“The SAT is extremely important for students pursing a college degree,” KHS counselor Cory Smith says. “Most colleges require one to be even considered for acceptance.”

The PSAT is highly relevant to a student’s future success and focuses on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education.

“The PSAT (preliminary SAT) has three sections, a math and evidence-based reading and writing,” according to The Princeton Review.

Here are three reasons a student should  take the PSAT:

  • Scores can lead to National Merit scholarships.
  • Good scores can indicate performance on the SAT.
  • Doing well can provide a big confidence boost    

When taking the PSAT is either your eighth grade or your ninth grade. The PSAT is a preview of for what is to come when the SAT rolls around during your junior year.

The highest score possible PSAT is a 1520. The total length of the PSAT is two hours and 45 minutes. The evidence-based reading is 60 minutes long or an hour long. The writing and language is 35 minutes long. The final one is the math and it takes 25 minutes with no calculator and 45 minutes with a calculator .  

The PSAT establishes a baseline measurements of a student college and career readiness as students enter high school.
Both these tests are recommended for all students contemplating college.

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TEST TIME: College entrance exams prepare students for next educational steps