OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: New language, new school

JAZIEL AMAYA, Staff writer

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Coming to a new school can be tough, especially for a student learning a new language. He or she can’t understand the announcements, may not be able to communicate with teachers and other students, and it may be hard to read and say words in a school subject.

Some KHS students have dealt with this problem personally.

Sophomore Jesus Hernandez moved to the U.S. 11 years ago from Mexico and had to learn English.

“It’s hard when you don’t know the language of everyone speaking and you don’t have any friends,” he said.

Sophomore Agustin Moyeda moved to the U.S. 10 years ago in high school. He was glad to be in  America, but had to practice speaking English. He said the thing that was hard was pronouncing words, but it was even harder  to make a friends of another language.

Sophomore  Brandon Morales move to the U.S. eight months ago.

“It was easy to make a friends and learning English,” he said. “All the teachers help me out and am thankful that they help me, like all ESL students.”

ESL teacher Crystal Huff works with ESL students. For the new speakers that know very little English, they use the Rosetta Stone program on a computer, she said, as well as working with Huff and practicing with other students.

“I feel so proud  of the ESL students,” she said. “Why? Learning a second language by immersion in high school is extremely difficult. My ESL students must work 10 times harder than their fellow classmates. I am so proud of these students because they continue to work hard and never give up.”

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OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: New language, new school